The Bright Tights Charity aims to promote awareness of gynaecological cancers, raise funds for research and support those who have, or are recovering from the disease in Guernsey.

Bright Tights Day Friday 1st November
Host your own Bright Tights Breakfast!

Pick Your Date & Time

Bright Tights Day is Friday November 1st but you can choose any day around then.

Choose Your Venue

It can be at yours or a friend’s house around the kitchen table or in the office coffee room or in the local hall – wherever you want.
All you need is a plug to boil a kettle and some basic crockery and cutlery. Use our downloadable poster to advertise the details.

Invite Your Guests

The more the merrier! Decide whether you are going to all sit down together or people can drop in on their way.

Choose The Menu

Our free download kit has lots of ideas – from simple fruit and yoghurt to banana cake and waffles. Ask your guests to bring and share or raid the supermarket for different cereals and types of bread.

Get Decorating!

The download kit has printable bunting to make and even tent cards to cut up
and spread around the goodies on offer.

Start Fundraising!

Ask everyone to wear their Bright Tights or socks and pay for the privilege. Charge a set amount for breakfast or ask for donations. Add to your totals by having a lucky draw – there is a sample in the kit: all you need is a prize. Or get sponsored – how about for wearing bright tights for 24 hours or while playing football? There is a sponsor form in the kit too.

September 4, 2019
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Snowfall Charity Ball

So excited about this....

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Up to 600 women with a hereditary, advanced form of the cancer could benefit each year in England.

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